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We pride ourselves on designing stylish, body-positive clothes with you and the planet in mind.

From modern going-out dresses and elegant jumpsuits to stylish separates, we aim to keep up with current fashion trends and pop culture with limited impact on the environment.

From the choice of eco-friendly materials to made-to-order, zero-waste production and biodegradable packaging, we’re guided by a desire to create lasting and flattering pieces that respect the planet and its people.

Because eco-friendly doesn’t need to mean boring.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us on our sustainability journey while wearing beautiful pieces created uniquely for you, by you.

Responsible Materials

Focused on sustainability, we use responsible, natural materials and fabrics sourced from the world’s finest mills to create our clothes. These include common eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton and recycled polyester alongside more experimental materials such as forestry viscose, rose petals, eucalyptus, lotus plants, banana and even milk. Yes, you heard right.

Not only these materials are sourced to ensure the highest standards and the lowest carbon footprint possible, but they’re also oh-so-beautiful and undeniably soft! Just wait until you wear them – you’ll never want to take them off.

We’re proudly meeting the highest global standard set by Europe for chemicals allowed in dying and printing.

What are we trying to prove? Well, not only do our clothes help you look fabulous, but we’re also doing everything we can to lower our carbon footprint and help the environment!

You look good. The planet feels good. We all win.

Zero Waste Production

We utilise on-demand production, only using the amount of fabric required to make a garment with minimum to no excess stock. We believe in good design as a way of reducing waste – our styles are hand-crafted uniquely for you to make you look and feel beautiful. Trust us, you won’t want to wear anything else!

We’re committed to developing stylish and timeless pieces that will be treasured for years to come, only producing garments that have been purchased.

There’s nothing more frustrating than owning clothes that simply don’t fit – and that’s why each of our garments is customised, hand-crafted and finished to suit you perfectly and make you feel empowered and confident in your own body.

It also means that none of our products end up in a landfill. On the rare occasion when a garment is returned to us, we aim to give it a second lease of life by re-using the fabric or donating it to charity.

All our packaging is also biodegradable or constructed from recycled materials to further minimise our impact on the environment.

Welcome to ModaMia – a fashion-forward brand creating pieces you’ll actually love to wear. Because you can look incredible while also helping the planet – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.