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Every time I visited India, I often found myself at local tailor shops, rummaging through stacks of beautiful silky fabrics in bright shades and evocative prints.

Growing up in the US, it was a novelty to have your clothes custom made for you, so I was captivated by the idea of choosing and adjusting every single feature to create my ideal piece.

As I draped my dream dress, in my perfect shade of red, in luxurious silk across my shoulders, I knew I wanted more. I became addicted to having clothes custom made for me. A decadent luxury at a price I could afford.

I shared this blissful feeling with friends and family and they too got hooked on becoming their own clothing designers. That began my journey to find the perfect team to take this idea to the next level.

Wear your custom design

Our team now includes talent from around the world and includes artisanal designers and pattern makers from Italy and France with their centuries-old crafts and cutting-edge 3D technologists from Asia and Israel helping to modernise traditional techniques.

All our designs, patterns and fabrics are lovingly hand-made in India where they’re handled with the utmost care by skilled seamstresses and tailors.

At ModaMia, we strive to nurture a better future for fashion by utilising a small-batch production and made-to-order process, only creating the clothes that have been purchased, ensuring that little to no fabric ends up in the landfill. Plus, we only use eco-friendly and natural materials to create all our clothes, ensuring that while you look amazing, the planet also feels good.