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Made by you, for you

Size is just a number - and we were never big fans of math.

Our goal is to help you find the perfect fit by unleashing the creative soul within you, without the stress of looking for the right size. Take your style into your own hands (with a little bit of help from us) and make wardrobe crises the thing of the past.

How? With tailor-made pieces that are designed by you, for you, of course. In the end, that’s what ModaMia is all about.

How we do sizing

Since all our clothes are made to order, we don’t have a conventional size chart women need to squeeze into. We created our own database of over 500 sizes that accurately capture each woman’s unique body shape and combination of curves to help you fully appreciate your unique features.

All we need are four simple measurements - your bust, waist, hips and height. We combine your measurements with points from our database to create a 3D avatar of your body.

Your selected outfit is then sized to fit your avatar. We stitch in 3D and do endless fit checks to make sure the garment fits perfectly before it being transported from the 3D version into real life by a team of artisanal seamstresses and tailors.

Our 3D technology is one of a kind, and we’ve done extensive testing on 100+ sizes ranging from XXXS to 10XL to accurately bring the 3D avatar to a real life fit. But enough with the big words, just try it yourself.

Goodbye Wardrobe Crises

Are you too familiar with not fitting into the standard sizing charts? Do you dread shopping online or trying endless clothes in the dressing rooms of your favourite shops?

Well, we were too, and that’s why we decided it’s time for a change.

Whether it’s 14, XXXS, Petite or Plus, these words don’t mean anything to us anymore - and we promise you won’t even remember them after joining our club. Whether you’re an apple or pear shape with different sizing on the top and bottom, your frustrations end here. And that’s a promise.